Private dinners, parties & meetings

Is it time for larger dinners, meetings or parties with the company or privately? Welcome to rent the entire restaurant for up to 50 seated guests.

Or book something suitable higher up in the house's three floors.
There we have dining rooms with associated lounges that fit 15-146 guests. 

Large groups 


Welcome higher up in Sjöfartshuset, where the wonderful view of the Strömmen is of the same high class as the environment in general. Regardless of whether you are looking for a larger chambre séparée for your wedding, party, anniversary, dinner or a nice meeting place in Stockholm, we have the perfect environment and food. Feel free to book a viewing and we will have the opportunity to answer any questions, recommend and listen to your special requests.

We meet at Skeppsbron 10 


Gör en bokningsförfrågan

To make a booking request, email us at info@restaurangskeppsbron10.se with the following information: name, telephone, email, desired number of people and desired date.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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